About Us

Felancy is a brand that produces lingerie for women, Felancy itself has been established since 1987 and their commitment is to make products in comfortable clothing worn by women in Malaysia. A sense of comfort thanks to the use of the right lingerie will be able to maintain the confidence of women who occupied the move whenever and wherever they are.


Welcome to the world of ladies wear

The following pages are packed with interesting facts about all of our key areas of focus at Felancy lingerie - From environment responsibility to our social activities. Plus things we're particularly proud of from our successful history as a company to our strong fashion brands. In addition, there's lot of useful and entertaining information  


Model and types products Felancy

Felancy design products in their lingerie in a variety of shapes and models that can meet the needs of Malaysian women with various types of body shape. Products from Felancy existing in the form of clothing products for teenagers, nightwear, bras, body shape, sport bras, shape up bras and a variety of other products. The material used is also the choice of materials such as microfiber and cotton nano that support the convenience of the users in the atmosphere and in any condition.


Felancy believes every woman is unique and should be proud of her curves. This is why we focus on lingerie that enhances and contours, helping you achieve correct body support, express your femininity and boost your self-confidence. our products result from detailed research and communication with women to find out what you need and want, and how we can tailor better to your figure and lifestyle. Felancy aims to share with women the importance of getting the right fit and function, the correct way to measure yourself to improve your female from through different types of lingerie, and increase your understanding of breast health and physical well-being